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PALFIQUE OMNICHROMA is the world's first universal composite that esthetically matches almost all patients with a single shade. Its uniformly sized supra-nano spherical fillers allow PALFIQUE OMNICHROMA to match every shade, a science that we call Smart Chromatic Technology. Its wide color-matching ability eliminates the shade-taking procedure, reducing composite inventory and saving doctors time and money.


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  • Unprecedented shade-matching ability and esthetics
  • Minimized chair time and reliance on shade-matching procedures
  • Exceptional handling, polishability,and strength
  • Reduction of inventory of necessary composite shades
  • Reduction of expired composite


  • Anterior and posterior restorations
  • Composite veneer
  • Diastema closure
  • Composite/porcelain repair

Technical Background

  • All smiles have something in common,and that is the colors that make up human teeth shades. All shades of teeth express a narrow range of red-to-yellow color. The Munsell Sphere on the right demonstrates the color range of teeth.
    To match every smile, most composite brands require multiple shades.
    That's because most composites today depend on the color of red and yellow dyes added to the resin material to emulate tooth shades. This means that dentists must keep a large inventory of different composites to accommodate a variety of patients.

  • PALFIQUE OMNICHROMA exhibits the ultimate wide-range color-matching ability thanks to Tokuyama's Smart Chromatic Technology. The Smart Chromatic Technology is achieved by Tokuyama's uniformly sized 260nm spherical fillers included in PALFIQUE OMNICHROMA.
    Structural color occurs when different wavelengths of light are amplified or weakened by the structure of a material itself, expressing colors other than what the material may actually be.


Clinical procedure

Product Packages Available


  • Contents: 1 - 4g (2.1 ml) syringe

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