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METALTITE® is a primer to improve the adhesion between resins and precious metals such as gold, titanium, semi-precious metals and many other dental alloys. METALTITE® contains MTU-6, a thiouracil monomer, which enhances a tenacious chemical bond between resins and precious metals. Its high bond strength eliminates tin plating of metal surfaces.


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  • Elimination of tin plating
  • Greatly improves bond between resins and precious metals


  • Cementation of precious metal inlays, onlyas, crowns, bridges etc.
  • Cementation of precious metal post and cores
  • Intra-oral repair of precious metal bonded porcelain
  • Repair of precious metal based dentures before the application of acrylic
  • Bonding of opaque resin to a precious metal base (in fabricating a resin face crown) indirectly or intraorally.

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